Brian Corr
Math + Art = :)
Client Work
I am a full stack developer with design and UX skills. I've been working in the industry full time since 2006.

I have had the fortune to work on a large variety of projects from mission critical business-to-business tools to wacky, animation-rich brand identity sites. I've built custom CMSs, physics engines, 3D environment engines, audio tools, tagging and search systems, and many other nifty creations. What I'm having the most fun with now is WebGL, WebSockets, WebAssembly, playing with micro controllers, connected devices and data physicalization.

Below is a very small sampling of client work I've gotten to build.

Contact: BrianCorr[at]BrianCorr[dot]io
built by Brian Corr, designed by Nickelodeon
A responsive, dynamic, fun pair of sites for Nickelodeon. Building the Schedule page was interesting. Displaying an accurate schedule to every user regardless of their location required some non-trivial work correlating the station's location dependent airing schedule with the browser's timezone, and the weirdness caused by daylight saving time.
built by Brian Corr, designed by Ryan Straus
A responsive parallax site with several novel UI solutions and a comprehensive, custom built CMS. Some of my favorite CSS tricks are on the feature pages. The interactive feature dots are dynamically placed and the coordinate space scales with width AND height of the page keeping its aspect ratio. Like a cover image would but keep in mind this an entire html div system. Not only that, the feature description boxes are aware of the bounds and adjust their shape and position accordingly while still staying attached to their feature dot. All done with pure CSS, not a line of JavaScript.
built by Brian Corr, designed by James Wogan
A modular site that takes full advantage of a custom built content management system that enables pages to be built of modules that can be stacked and reordered, and have consistent dynamic content across all instantiations. And of course it's responsively mobile friendly.
Clip Titling for Country Music Television
built by Brian Corr, designed by CMT
I build a lot of dynamic on-air assets for Viacom and the information management systems they talk to. Projects like news feed tickers and realtime social media displays. Probably the most recognized would be CMT's clip titling system that shows information for the currently airing music video.
built by Brian Corr, designed by the Guild
A responsive site with a custom content management system. The Work page functions were particularly fun to make. A tagging system in the CMS is used to automate each Related Projects list and for sort functions in the UI. It also includes a custom search function in which the relevance of result aspects can be fine tuned.
You'll see several sites for the Guild on this page, these guys always ask for interesting stuff.
Dynamic Gamification System
engineered and built by Brian Corr and Michael Maloney
Michael and I were tasked with making a secure, dynamic gamification system for the web presence of a popular reality TV show. We built a modular, dynamic system that allowed the client to make any kind of new challenges, missions and badges in real time throughout the season. We also built systems for player score and engagement tracking, social media sharing, and a library for simple plugin to web and app front ends.
built and designed by Brian Corr
A dynamic, mobile-friendly site for a NYC theater company. This site has some fun subtleties; dynamic shadows that move with the width of the page, the section title graphics are also dynamically built, and the background color is a random hue but saturation and luminosity are consistent resulting in random colors that all have a similar feel.
built by Brian Corr, designed by Ryan Straus, concept by Ryan Straus and Brian Corr
A dynamic, parallax site with scrollbar driven animation and a custom CMS. This isn't your typical parallax site. Here the camera moves in two dimensions giving the design space and depth. Though the navigation is controlled by the scrollbar we don't limit content length. The scrollbar switches seamlessly between navigation and content scrolling. Give this one a look on desktop for the full experience.
Flash Video Games
I worked for a couple of years designing and building Flash video games for various clients including Kellogg's. Some of the systems I developed during this work include physics systems, a programmatic animation engine, dynamic lighting effects, a sound mixer and a 3D environment engine. Good fun.
built by Brian Corr, designed by the Guild
Once upon a time in a lawless age where browser discrepancies ran rampant and mobile device limitations hadn't been invented yet, web apps and highly interactive websites were often built in a thing called "Flash". And I built a lot of them. If you happen to still have the Flash plugin you can take a look at this crazy artifact. The portfolio page launches images out over a photographic hillside which required me to digitally model the hillside and create a 3D landscape system lightweight enough to run in Flash. Here is the tool I built for that. As well and the CMS for placing the images.